Debra Goldstein was born and raised in Georgia, which is where she learned to appreciate the finer things in life like sweet tea, country music and good manners. She attended the University of Arizona and launched a successful personal shopping company in LA out of college. In 2006 Debra moved to NYC where she met Olivia and all the fun began. They became instant best friends and after many nights of painting the town red started writing Flirtexting®. With the success of the book Debra managed the PR and marketing efforts for Flirtexting® full-time. Shortly after she started consulting in Digital Marketing and Branding for lifestyle brands where she helps them create compelling and effective promotional content to grow customer engagement and profits.

Interests: Surfing, running, helping guys with their Tinder profile, This American Life, perfecting my Spotify playlists.


Olivia Baniuszewicz holds a communications degree from Boston University. She worked as a sales executive for six years for designers like Diane von Furstenberg, YaYa Aflalo and Veda. After co-authoring Flirtexting®, she transitioned into the publishing industry where she helped build publicity campaigns for popular chefs and their cookbooks. Currently she's an online content provider in the art world. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Keith and their dachshund Charlie.  




Flirtexting: How to Text Your Way into His Heart
By Debra Goldstein, Olivia Baniuszewicz