Flirtexting® reveals a faultless formula for getting what you want via text, online dating and Facebook dating. Using a playful mix of dos and don'ts, pre-packaged texts, and real-life dating scenarios, Deb and Liv walk readers through every essential skill and lesson necessary to ace the digital game of love in their newest book.  

Flirtexting® includes:

  • How to Create the Best Possible Text (BPT)...and get exactly what you want

  • Flirtextiquette - The dos and don’ts of proper texting etiquette

  • How to avoid Texting Under the Influence 

  • How to create eye-catching Facebook and online dating profiles

  • Texting Timelines - Knowing when to press send

  • Secrets Revealed  -  Guys turn ons and and turn offs when it comes to digital dating

  • Tips for how to successfully navigate online dating sites - Which one is right for you

  • LNBT (Late night booty text) - How to stop it/how to avoid it

  • Movie Quote Texts - Zingers from our favorite movies that make perfect responses

  • Sexting - How and when to do it safely

  • How to handle digital breakups gracefully

  • QUIZ - Find out what type of Flirtexter you are

Whether you want to send him to the friend zone, get him to call instead of text, or step-up your online dating game, every scenario and dating strategy is outlined in this essential guide.