Deb and Liv caught on early to the digital dating phenomenon. When guys began courting them over text and Facebook the way they once did over a phone call, they took it upon themselves to research, test and understand how to incorporate this new approach into their traditional dating lives. In the first-ever how-to guide for digital dating, Deb and Liv outline their extensive research and offer invaluable advice.

Using a playful mix of dos and don'ts, pre-packaged texts, and real-life dating scenarios, Deb and Liv walk readers through ever essential skill and lesson necessary to ace the digital game of love. Flirtexting® reveals a faultless formula for getting whatever you want by texting. Whether you want your suitor to ask you out on a date, call instead of text, or stop late-night-booty-texting you, every texting scenario and dating strategy is outlined in this essential guide. 

Our Story

Olivia Baniuszewicz holds a communications degree from Boston University. She worked as a sales executive for six years for designers like Diane von Furstenberg, YaYa Aflalo and Veda. After co-authoring Flirtexting®, she transitioned into the publishing industry where she helped build publicity campaigns for popular chefs and their cookbooks. Currently she's an online content provider in the art world. She lives in New York City with her fiancé Keith and their dachshund Charlie.  



Upon graduating from the University of Arizona, entrepreneur Debra Goldstein founded a personal shopping company. After thriving in the fashion industry for six years she co-authored the hit book Flirtexting® and spearheaded the marketing and social media efforts for the brand. Since then, Debra has developed a passion for connecting people through digital media, and currently consults well-known lifestyle brands on their marketing efforts and online presence. Currently she lives and flirtexts our of New York City.