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    Read this before pressing send!

    Texts, dating apps and Facebook messages, and quippy emails not only get attention but when written strategically, can make or break a relationship. With sassy—yet classy—advice, playful prepackaged responses, and hilarious real-life dating scenarios, experts Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz guide you through the digital game of love.



  • what's inside

    The rules, guidelines, and dos and don'ts for flirting in a digital world.

    Learn How To:

    • Create the Best Possible Text (BPT) to get what you want every time
    • Read the subtext of his text
    • Create an attention-grabbing dating profile
    • Decode his online dating profile and messages
    • Get him to call instead of text
    • Handle digital breakups
    • Text him to the friend zone
    • Spice up your relationship digitally
    • Use emojis and abbreviations

    We also cover:

    • Pre-packaged and approved responses to the 10 most commonly sent texts
    • Which dating websites and apps are right for you
    • The “post-date” courtesy text,  response time, and the dos and don’ts every flirtexter should know
    • Digital turn-ons and turn-offs revealed by 30 hot guys

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